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The Collaborati

Jun 12, 2019

Hey there Family members. On this episode of The Broadcast, Corey sat down with our new co-host Louis Loggins, and they discussed the principles and strategies outlined in the book “Leadership and Self-deception.” This book centers around trying to help build better relationships with those around you while also building the self-awareness tools to help you identify when you are negatively influencing the relationships you have spent so much time trying to craft. Louis and Corey talked through the highlights of the book, their experiences with “being in the box” towards others, how they got back out of the box, and the tips YOU can use to build much more successful and meaningful relationships with the people that matter. Be sure to follow us on our social media @thecollaborati, and as always, we appreciate and reviews, comments, shares, and subscribes you can give our show, so we can continue to grow.