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The Collaborati

Feb 28, 2020

Hey Collaborati Family! In part 2 of my time with Dudley McCarter we talked all about his passion for higher education and the ways he thinks we can improve it. We talked about the advances of online learning, the ways university alumni can work to be more involved in their campuses post graduation, how we can all...

Feb 26, 2020

Hey Collaborati Family! Check out this new episode where I sat down with one of St. Louis Missouri's top lawyers (and Mizzou Alum) to talk about his life's journey to the top. Dudley was such a great guest, and he was so full of wisdom! Be sure to tune in this week and learn something new.

Feb 14, 2020

Hey Collaborati Family, wow what an episode this was! Dan and I talked about the biggest issues that his company Lockhart and Leith see in the young wrestling communities. We talked about safe ways to combat those issues and how young wrestlers can achieve peak performance. Dan and I also talked about the discipline...

Feb 12, 2020

Hey Collaborati Family! I got to sit down with Dan Leith, one of the owners of the premier MMA Nutrition company Lockhart and Leith, and we talked about Dan's incredible life story. I got to learn about Dan's military career, his early life, and his time spent learning various styles of mixed martial arts. Dan is an...